From Cars to RV's and Big Rigs - We Haul Them All!
Towing within the Anchorage Bowl starts at $80 cash or $85 on a credit card. 10% fuel surcharge for every tow.
We also provide a wide range of roadside assistance services beyond crash recovery and towing your vehicle to the shop.
We can also:
  • Perform Lockout Service
  • Jump Start Your Vehicle
  • Mobile Battery Service
  • Change Your Tire
  • Bring You Fuel
brand new red and black vulcan towing Mr. Big Hook towing truck

Meet Mr. Big Hook

Mr. Big Hook is the newest addition to our fleet! This truck can do more than just recovery, the rotator crane can load equipment, move your boat or airplane, place construction materials - if you need it moved we can do it.
Mr. Big Hook Specs:
- 40 ton capacity
- 360 degrees of rotation (190 each direction)
- 5 winches
- Wireless remote control
- Newest outrigger technology makes it stable and reliable
two white and red vulcan towing trucks in a winter scene

We Haul the Big Stuff Too

We have the tools for all of your hauling, recovery, transport and moving needs. If you have a need we have a solutions!
Our fleet includes Heavy and Medium Duty Wreckers as well as a Peterbuilt 379 Semi and two 53' Landoll Trailers.

AAA Service Provider

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We are no longer taking on any new private impound contracts as of December 2018

If your car has been towed by us for any reason, we understand it can be an inconvenience. At Vulcan Towing and Recovery we strive to make the process as easy as possible to retrieve or at least access your vehicle.
Our office is open 8 am - 5pm, Monday through Friday
*DUI vehicles can only be accessed or released during office hours.