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We Haul the Big Stuff Too!
Construction | Equipment | Transport | 40ton Rotator Crane

We have the tools for all of your hauling, recovery, transport and moving needs. If you have a need we have a solutions!
Our fleet includes Heavy and Medium Duty Wreckers as well as a Peterbuilt 379 Semi and two 53' Landoll Trailers.
Mr. Big Hook is the newest addition to our fleet! This truck can do more than just recovery, the rotator crane can load equipment, move your boat or airplane, place construction materials - if you need it moved we can do it.
Mr. Big Hook Specs:
- 40 ton capacity
- 360 degrees of rotation (190 each direction)
- 5 winches
- Wireless remote control
- Newest outrigger technology makes it stable and reliable

2014 Peterbilt with a 1140 Rotator by Miller Industries. This truck is highly advanced in towing technology with 5 winches, wireless controls, and the newest in outrigger technology making it stable and reliable. The boom provides the operator with 360 degrees of rotation (190 degrees in each direction) with a 40 ton capacity. This truck can do more than recovery! The rotator crane can load equipment, construction supplies, move your boat or most anything.

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