Municipal Contract Impound Rates:


((DUI / DWLR/ DWLR/ DWLS/ No Insurance/ Scofflaw related cases)

Access Fee Required $125*

*Fee will be applied toward to total bill, this allows you to retrieve items out of the vehicle. We enforce this rule since some people abandon their vehicles.

Private Property Impound Rates:


Light Duty Vehicles Tow

(Gross Vehicle Weight Rating up to 19,500 lbs.)


Medium Duty Vehicles Tow

(GVWR 19,501-29,999 lbs.)


Heavy Duty Vehicles Tow

(GVWR 30,000 lbs. & up)

$200 per hour

Curb Release for Unhooked Vehicles


Curb Release for Hooked Vehicles


Vehicle Access

(After First)


Please reload

Release forms are required for all impounds


We are no longer taking on any new private impound contracts as of December 2018